Room Additions with Golden State Designs

Expanding Your House

Room additions are a great way to expand the space in your home as per your needs. If you want room addition services in your area and you are looking for the “Best Room Additions Designs”, Golden State Designs can be your best bet. Our company provides all kinds of home addition and remodeling services for rooms.

We provide Home add-on plans that will boost your home’s economic value. Our professionals design small as well as large rooms in a way that synchronizes with your existing home as well as your backyard. We take care of the aesthetic sense of your property while doing home additions so that your property does not lose its appealing look. We do all the amendments without exceeding your budget limit.

Some Room Addition Possibilities

  • Extra Rooms: Consider incorporating additional living spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, or a dedicated home office. The demand for home offices is soaring, with a significant portion of the workforce preferring to telecommute partially and projections indicating over 30 million Americans working remotely by 2025.
  • Sunroom Constructions: Add a sunroom or a three-season room to your home to bask in natural sunlight and enjoy scenic outdoor views.
  • Garage Expansion: Consider enlarging your garage for extra vehicle storage or to create a functional workspace.
  • Second Story: Increase your home’s living area by building an extra level on your existing structure.
  • Building In-Law Suites: Design a separate, comfortable living area within your home for elderly relatives or visitors. Also check our ADU services.
  • Bump-Out Space Additions: Extend the size of a current room with a bump-out addition for additional space without undergoing a complete room construction.
  • Kitchen Space Enhancement: Revamp and enlarge your kitchen for a more spacious and modern cooking area.

Horizontal and Vertical Expansion

One way of extending the space in your home is room renovation. However, room upgradation requires careful planning and budget. There is a misconception about room construction that they can only be built on the ground floor. However, if you don’t have enough ground space you can utilize the space above your home and make a multi-story home via room additions as per your requirement.

Our company will help you achieve the best possible space utilization ideas for your new room. The House Add on design that our experts present you with; will help you finalize the room you want for your home.

Why Choose Us?

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We are one of the top remodeling companies. You can rely on us for your new construction project as we have years of experience in bathroom remodeling services. Golden State Design is famous for its high-quality services in town. We can turn your old-fashioned and simple bathroom space into a luxury. Our remodeling contractors use high-quality materials and provide their services at affordable prices. We are a licensed company and all our workers are fully insured. Our contractors are experts in all kinds of bathroom renovation services whether you want a traditional-style bathroom or a modern bathroom.