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What's an ADU?

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a smaller, independent residential dwelling unit located on the same lot as your main home. ADUs can be converted from existing space, added to an existing structure, or constructed as a new, detached unit.
But before you decide to build an ADU, it’s important to understand there are some challenges, especially if you’re new to this. Here’s a clear and simple guide for beginners.

If you’d like to consult over the phone with our expert Gad, please choose a suitable date and time from the calendar, and we will get back to you.

Our ADU Options

Unit 4

SPACE: 750 sq ft

PRICE: 250 - 300k

Unit 5

SPACE: 1000+ sq ft

PRICE: 300 - 320k

Unit 1

SPACE: < 400 sq ft

PRICE: 120 - 180k

Unit 2

SPACE: 400 sq ft

PRICE: 200 - 250k

Unit 3

SPACE: 500 sq ft

PRICE: 220 - 275k

What to know before building an ADU

Costs and Financing

Awareness of the costs and financial assistance available is essential. ADUs under 750 square feet are exempt from impact fees, but proportionate fees apply for larger ones. The California Housing Finance Agency’s ADU Grant Program offers up to $40,000 in assistance to qualifying homeowners for predevelopment costs, aiding in fostering more housing units in California. It’s crucial for homeowners to be informed about these provisions to efficiently navigate the financial aspects of ADU construction.

Construction Cosiderations

When constructing ADUs, especially in areas like historic districts or on lots with multiple dwellings, adherence to objective provisions and standards is pivotal. These standards protect the aesthetic and structural integrity of existing neighborhoods and structures while promoting the creation of ADUs without undue burden.

Land Use Restrictions

Land use restrictions vary based on local ordinances and the specific residential zone. These restrictions are designed to maintain the adequacy of essential services and public safety, allowing ADU creation within these parameters to enrich community living without compromising on essential community values and services.

Legal Provisions and Compliance​

Strict adherence to legal provisions like the Mitigation Fee Act and State ADU Law is non-negotiable in ADU construction. Compliance with these laws and any local regulations is pivotal to ensure the legal soundness of all developments and the appropriate use of any levied fees, maintaining a lawful and harmonious balance in community development.

Zoning and Building Codes​

ADUs are not mandated jurisdiction-wide but must be permitted in any residential or mixed-use zone, respecting local and State ADU Laws. Local governments may impose specific design and development standards, including considerations for properties in historic districts or those with multiple dwellings.

Permitting Process

The streamlined permitting process is designed to approve ADU applications ministerially within 60 days from receiving a completed application, facilitating quicker approvals and development. This efficiency is maintained even if minor revisions to the applications are required, avoiding additional lengthy review periods and ensuring timely project commencement and completion.

Utility Connections

Utility connections and related fees are a significant consideration in ADU construction. ADUs are usually not considered as new residential uses for calculating connection fees, ensuring the feasibility and affordability of ADU development. It’s crucial to understand these provisions to anticipate and plan for utility-related expenses accurately.

Fees and Charges

Understanding the variety of fees, especially impact fees, is essential. These fees, charged by local agencies, are instrumental in maintaining and developing public facilities related to ADU construction. Adherence to legal standards in calculating these fees is critical to promote responsible development and the construction of adequate facilities.

Despite all these nuances, Golden State Designs makes the process for you as easy as possible thanks to
our experience in the field.

Our process is designed to reduce the Risk

We are well aware of the local laws and regulations. Our builders make the ADU blueprints for you which are durable and fulfill the local laws as well. We complete your ADU construction project within the estimated time frame using high-quality building materials.

Our ADU contractors can do all the remodeling work for you. If you have an already built old-fashioned ADU, our home extension builders can extend and renovate your ADU according to modern extension designs.

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Carey Bee
Carey Bee
Golden state was awesome! Very professional and courteous.
Guillaume Carle
Guillaume Carle
Gad and his team were extremely helpful to complete our renovation project. We had to part away from our previous contractor and were left with an open construction site. Gad responded extremely quickly to help us. He took over all the bathrooms remodeling including plumbing and electrical. They finished the wet bar area and completed the fireplace. Price was right and quality was on point. Will definitely work with him again in future.
Christa Lee
Christa Lee
We just finished having our master bathroom remodeled with Golden State Designs. We had several quotes with GSD as our last one. Gad offered a very reasonable estimate for the job and delivered. We especially enjoyed working with his designer, Elinor, who helped us realize our vision and then some. Gad was easy to communicate with and the job was completed in a timely fashion. The tile work is impeccable. Gad made sure we were satisfied and was quick to address our questions and preferences. Will definitely work with GSD again in the future.
n'guoran jean yves
n'guoran jean yves
We simply love what this company did for us. Thank you guys.
Nidhi Adroja
Nidhi Adroja
We went with Golden State Designs to build our 500 Sq Ft custom cottage. Gad and his crew were a pleasure to work with. From the start to finish, the process was smooth, professional and efficient. Gad has always worked with us throughout the process to address any issues or adjustments. We would highly recommend Golden State Design to anyone looking for a reliable contractor. We are extremely happy with the end result of our construction. Thank you Gad and team!
Jacob Abikzer
Jacob Abikzer
Gad and his team were very responsive to our needs and professional in achieving our refreshing to work with such a company with values....I would not hesitate to recommend his services!
Prashanth Padmanabhan
Prashanth Padmanabhan
We added a bedroom and a bathroom to our house and created a new second floor. We also added windows and doors to 5 rooms on the ground floor. Gad and his team were outstanding from the process of quote, demolition, framing, finishing and cleaning. They delivered the work 2 months ahead of the planned 9 months. It was a pleasure working with Gad and his team of expert craftsmen.
Valeria Lambert
Valeria Lambert
I recently hired Golden State Design to install carpets in 3 of my bedrooms. They did an excellent job at a reasonable price. They were flexible and able to move my appointment up in order to complete the work sooner than originally scheduled. I am going to hire them again soon to convert a room from a laundry back into a bedroom.
Scott Busse
Scott Busse
Gad and his team did an outstanding job in remodeling our master bathroom. From the first time I called him he was very personable and listed to my request. The bathroom was in much need of remodeling and Gad came in and shared his design thoughts from layout to hardware. He was able to enlarge the shower because of some dead space behind the original shower wall. This makes the shower much more comfortable to be in. David (Gad’s Lead) and his team came in daily for two+ weeks. Constantly asking questions to make sure they were proceeding with what we wanted done. In one case there was a slope issue with the shower bump. David came in the next day at no extra charge and removed the tile, fixed the slope and replaced the tile. I would imagine other contractors might not have done that. They were very understanding and answered all my questions. We are completely satisfied with Golden State design and would highly recommend them.